cutting emissions

what is it?

A fuel enhancer that comes as easy-to-install and maintain kit. Our ghp-kit is suitable for trucks, busses, off-highway vehicles, cars, power generators and industrial equipment. Installing our kit upgrades in-use combustion engines into bivalent ones operating on fossil fuels (e.g., diesel, petrol) and hydrogen gas jointly. It allows replacing ~30% of fossil fuel with hydrogen, cutting carbon emissions by up to 50% and saving you money on every kilometer driven. Our kits can be installed within ~4 hours by skilled, locally trained mechanics.

how does it work?

The underlying magic is our patented technology: it works through a stoichiometrically calculated injection of the precise hydrogen gas amount into the air-fuel intake of a combustion engine. Hydrogen is already present within fossil fuels and therefore engine sensors accept the addition of hydrogen gas into the combustion process. As hydrogen gas is a combustible fuel of higher calorific value, it comfortably replaces fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel. The beauty of our solution being a fuel enhancer is that it does not require any functional or design changes to the in-use engine.

follow the flow of hydrogen to learn about each component

A hydrogen cylinder

of mild steel, does not permit seepage, is encased & mounted securely to ensure fuel enhancement to a vehicle’s operating system.

Gas transfer hosing

(high pressure) once connected via a hand wheel permits a flow of hydrogen from the storage cylinder to the pressure regulator.

A pressure regulator

controls the hydrogen gas flow. It varies with vehicle type & engine size to ensure exact hydrogen injection into the air intake funnel of an engine.

Gas transfer hosing

(low pressure) leads the hydrogen gas up to a fuel quality solenoid. Low pressure gas transfer hosing is internal stainless steel braid.

A solenoid valve

of fuel quality & compatible with hydrogen opens & closes gas flow in line with acceleration & throttle opening as well as closing triggers.

Our Active Carbon Clipper

is a PCB with GPS & memory for storing, tracking & communicating driving performance incl. fuel consumption & carbon emissions.

Equipped with an active carbon clipper our kit enables a fuel enhancement to a vehicle’s existing operating system. The carbon clipper uses the signal from the ECU to inject hydrogen gas into the fuel-air intake. It does not change the ECU as it is. Hydrocarbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen are brought together in the combustion engine. Hydrogen increases combustibility and stored energy in Hydrocarbon fuel.

for a greener today

what drives us?

Decarbonization now:

we are the missing link and partner to reach global climate goals.

Transition now:

we are the lead into a green transition around the world – with a solution that works today and paves the way for a zeroemission infrastructure in the future.

what makes us different?

We enable immediate results:

Everyone driving a vehicle with a combustion engine can benefit from fuel savings up to 50% from day one and contribute personally towards reducing emissions by getting the kit installed to their vehicle.

You can be in the driver seat for decarbonization.

We have an affordable solution:

Everyone can get the kit installed for relatively little money. Our solution is market-ready and has a short amortization time allowing global scale and fast adoption thanks to its commercial viability.

You can lead the transition without making a large investment.

We upgrade what is in use:

Our technological advantage over alternative innovations lies in retrofitting in-use fossil fuel powered engines to hydrogen-bivalent engines without requiring any functional or design changes to the engine.

You can continue driving your vehicle and feel good about it.

We offer an unparalleled alternative:

There are many innovations in the mobility and transport sector with electrification being the most prominent one. What all solutions have in common, is the need for replacing the engine or entire vehicle. We offer an alternative that builds on what is available today – and makes it better.

You can choose the technological solution that fits your needs best.

our impact

~30-50% reduced fuel consumption

Up to 50% reduced CO2 emissions

Up to 5% reduced NOx emissions

~5% improved torque

Increased range and engine lifetime

~1 year amortization time

our target markets

Trucks & Busses

Agricultural Vehicles

Construction Vehicles

Passenger Cars & Vans

Power Generators